Distinguished Young Women participants come from all walks of life, but they have one common characteristic: the desire to succeed. Each young woman receives valuable life experience through participation in the program including relationship skills, self-confidence, and a sense of achievement. The goal of Distinguished Young Women is to ensure that everyone who participates in the program at any level has an enjoyable and memorable experience.

While we await the first of the participants, below is a list of last year's participants for Distinguished Young Women of Mini/Cassia. Want to participate? Apply now!

Shailey Woodward

Parents: Todd Woodward & Lacy Warren
College Preference: Utah State
Career Goals: Music Therapist
Talent: Piano Solo (Defying Gravity, from Wicked, by Stephen Schwartz)

Jovanii Ramos

Parents: Richie & Tiffney Ramos
College Preference: Texas A & M
Career Goals: OBGYN
Talent: Contemporary Dance (Lovely, by Sara Haze)

Kaylee Gomske

Parents: Jeff & Reda Gomske
College Preference: Boise State University
Career Goals: Bachelor's Degree in History
Talent: Vocal Presentation and playing guitar (Because of You, by Kelly Clarkson)

Nellie Christensen

Parents: Jay & Karla Christensen
College Preference: BYU or Utah State
Career Goals: Law or Political Science
Talent: Piano (Pirates of the Caribbean , by Jarrod Radnich)

Sydney Jones

Parents: Rodney & Laura Jones
College Preference: Brigham Young University-Idaho
Career Goals: Dental Hygienist
Talent: Dance (Modern, by Self/Brooke Jensen)

Miden Fitzhugh

Parents: James & Maria Fitzhugh
College Preference: Boise State Univeristy
Career Goals: Earn my degree in Criminology
Talent: Gymnastics floor routine

Emily Hamilton

Parents: Tina Hamilton
College Preference: University of Washington, George Washington Uni
Career Goals: Orthopedic Surgeon
Talent: Sing

Baylee Zanone

Parents: Dave & Kris Zanone
College Preference: Boise State University
Career Goals: Radiology - Ultrasound Technician
Talent: Pointe Variation (Sleeping Beauty - The Lilac Fairy , by Tchaikovsky)

Rachel Howard

Parents: Daryl & Cheryl Howard
College Preference: University of Kentucky
Career Goals: Sociology
Talent: Violin Solo (Meditaion From Thais, by Massenett)

Natasha Green

Parents: Trever & Melissa Morris
College Preference: The Art Institute of Design
Career Goals: Actress, fashion designer, teacher or model
Talent: Dramatic Monologue

Montie Peterson

Parents: Barry & Leslie Peterson
College Preference: Dixie State University, Utah Valley University
Career Goals: Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Performing Arts
Talent: Character Dance ("Amazing Mayzie, from Seussical the Musical", by Alyssa Robinson and Kelby Morrison)

Isabel Espinoza

Parents: Rosadio & Teresa Espinoza
College Preference: ISU
Career Goals: Mental Health Counseling
Talent: ColorGuard (Flag Routine)

Kennedi Campbell

Parents: Ronald & Jennifer Campbell
College Preference: BYU
Career Goals: Physician or Biomedical Scientist
Talent: Broadway dance solo (No Good Deed from Broadway's Wicked, by Stephen Schwartz)

Kyla Despain

Parents: Derk & Amy Despain
College Preference: Brigham Young University
Career Goals: Registerd Nurse
Talent: Flute solo

Zan Zollinger

Parents: John & Tonya Zollinger
College Preference: Brigham Young University; Utah State University
Career Goals: High School Mathematic Educator
Talent: Lyrical Dance (I See Fire by Ed Sheeran, by Hannah Matsen)

Dixie Greener

Parents: Barney & Sherrie Greener
College Preference: BYU Provo, BYU Idaho, Utah State University
Career Goals: Dental Hygentist or Orthodontal Hygentist
Talent: Singing "On My Own" Les Mis

Allison Rasmussen

Parents: Dee Rasmussen & Cheri Kontos
College Preference: Utah State University
Career Goals: Elementary Teacher
Talent: Cello Solo (Over the Rainbow, by Harold Arlen & E.Y. Harburg)

Dustine Mathison

Parents: Kris Mathison
College Preference: New Horizons Beauty College/Utah State University
Career Goals: Beautician/Interior Designer
Talent: Clogging (Rockin' Robin, by Bobby Day)

Emma McBride

Parents: Penny-Lynn McBride
College Preference: Idaho State University
Career Goals: Dental Hygienist
Talent: Colorguard

Cerrindince Collins

Parents: Thomas Collins & Connie Hickman
College Preference: Utah State
Career Goals: Radiologist Tech.
Talent: Vocal Presentation (modern tune) (Titanium, by David Guetta)

Dakota Welker

Parents: John Welker & Brooke Reardon
College Preference: BYUI, LDS Business College, UTS
Career Goals: Business Owner
Talent: dance/interpitation (napoleon dynamite movie, by napoleon dynamite movie)

Marisa Shaw

Parents: Harry & Cindy Shaw
College Preference: Brigham Young University
Career Goals: Pediatric Nurse
Talent: Musical Theatre Dance (Good Problems by Clairy Browne, by Choreographed by Skylar Harris)

Kiara Badger

Parents: Eric & Sarah Badger
College Preference: CSI, Northwest College of Art & Design, Disney
Career Goals: Disney Animation Studio
Talent: Violin/Dance (James Bond Theme)

Lizeth Quiroz

Parents: Silvestre & Maria Quiroz
College Preference: Paul Mitchell Boise tuition
Career Goals: Cosmetologist
Talent: Flag (Cooler than me , by Mike Posner)

Shelby Spencer

Parents: Brian & Angela Spencer
College Preference: Utah State University
Career Goals: Become a Physical Therapist or Journalist
Talent: Vocal Presentation (You'll be in my heart, by unknown )

Kassie Ward

Parents: Daniel & Karla Ward
College Preference: Brigham Young University
Career Goals: Marketing/Business/Working with youth
Talent: Piano Solo (Spanish Rhapsody, by Melody Bober)

Nicole Leon

Parents: Francisco Rios & Leticia Leon
College Preference: Boise State University
Career Goals: Not quite sure just yet.
Talent: Dance (Uptown Funk, by Bruno Mars)

Tisha Gardner

Parents: Corwin & Natalie Gardner
College Preference: Universtity of Idaho
Career Goals: Business Mangement
Talent: Cheerleading

Tansy Hale

Parents: Alan & Lynette Hale
College Preference: BYU
Career Goals: Graphic Design Artist
Talent: Piano and Vocal Solo (New York State of Mind, by Billy Joel)

Tobbi Booth

Parents: Robbie Booth & Traci Cassidy
College Preference: CSI
Career Goals: Pediatric Nurse
Talent: Contemporary/Lyrical Dance ("Kiss It All Better", by He is We)

Jessica Arnell

Distinguished Young Woman of Mini/Cassia

Parents: William & Breana Arnell
College Preference: BYU
Career Goals: Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition
Talent: Musical Theater ("Macavity" from Broadway's, CATS, by Andrew Lloyd Webber)