Distinguished Young Women participants come from all walks of life, but they have one common characteristic: the desire to succeed. Each young woman receives valuable life experience through participation in the program including relationship skills, self-confidence, and a sense of achievement. The goal of Distinguished Young Women is to ensure that everyone who participates in the program at any level has an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Below is a list of participants for the upcoming 2014 Distinguished Young Women of Wayne/Westland program. Want to participate? Apply now!

Alyssa Jarvis

Parents: James Jarvis & Kimberly Parsons
College Preference: University of Southern California, Stanford
Career Goals: Neurosurgeon
Talent: Drum Solo (Diddles for Decades, by Bill Bachman)

Olivia Junk

Parents: Brian & Lisa Junk
College Preference: University of Michigan Ann Arbor
Career Goals: Theater and Communications; Sports Broadcasting
Talent: Flag Twirling (Like Ships in the Night by Matt Kearney, by Myself)

Ashley Baker

Parents: Jason & Kristine Baker
College Preference: Massachussets Institute of Technology
Career Goals: Engineering(Aerospace or Computer)
Talent: Violin Solo (Vivaldis Concerto in A Minor First Movement, by Vivaldi )

Eilisha Sambrone

Parents: Vito & Anna Sambrone
College Preference: M.I.T., SVSU, NMC, & Stanford.
Career Goals: Ocean Engineer. Obtain a masters degree
Talent: Interpretative dance ("A Thousand Years", by Christina Perri)

Elise Penhollow

Parents: Erik & Gail Penhollow
College Preference: Ohio State University or Michigan State University
Career Goals: I am aspiring to open my own restauraunt.
Talent: Singing (The Daisies, by Samuel Barber)

Hailey Dottor

Distinguished Young Woman of Wayne Westland

Parents: Christopher & Michele Dottor
College Preference: Grand Valley State University
Career Goals: Cardiovascular pediatric nurse
Talent: Pointe/Jazz (" The Way You Make Me Feel", by Michael Jackson)

Jordyn Boitos

Distinguished Young Woman of Westland

Parents: Jospeh & Olivia Boitos
College Preference: New York University
Career Goals: Sports Medicine; Athletic Trainer
Talent: Lyrical Dance (Go Your Own Way, by Liz Schmidt)